St.George Horeb Jacobite Syrian Church Chennithala

St. George horeb Jacobite Syrian church is located in chennithala thripperumthura panchayath Mavelikkara thaluk of Alappuzha district Kerala India, under the holy apostolic see of Antioch and all the east. Chennithala is a village where Hindus, Muslims and Christians live together in religious harmony. There are many ancient Hindu temples. Christians of all denominations have their place of worship in Chennithala. Chennithala Horeb church also known as Chennithala Kochupally or Chennithala Puthenpally.


The present Christian community in Chennithala is the generations of Christians converted by St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, who came to malankara and established a church in Niranam in A.D.58, which is one among the seven& half (Ezhera pally) churches in malankara. The Christians of chennithala performed their religious rites in Niranam St. Mary's church (Niranam Pally) 10 KM north from Chennithala. They had to cross the river Pampa even when it was in spate and facing many other difficulties to attend the Holy Qurbaono regularly and to perform their many religious rites. They decided to have a church of their own in Chennithala. Thus the first Christian church in Chennithala was the present St. George Orthodox Church ( Chennithala Valiyapalli) established in 1864 and H.G. Mathew Mor Athanasios offered the first Qurbono in the church.

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H.B. Catholicose Baselious Thomas I consecrated the Church


Photos of Consecration

Photos of Public Meeting Photos of Holy Qurbono



H.B. Catholicose Baselious Thomas I consecrated the St.George Horeb Jacobite Syrian Church, chennithala. Their Graces Yuhanon Mor Militheos, Mathews Mor Theodosius, Geevarghese Mor Coorilose , Kuriakose Mor Greegorious,Mathews Mor Aprem Geevarghese Mor Bernabas and H.G. Issac Mor Osthatheous  assisted